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Garnier's Film Project

Garnier's Film Project

Laurent Garnier is to host a special one-off visual art performance at the National Film Theatre, featuring his own soundtrack to a cinematic classic.

On Saturday 2nd September, techno legend Laurent Garnier will grace the National Film Theatre in London for a one-off visual art performance.

The French spinner has created a special soundtrack to accompany the French cinema classic 'Finis Terrae', a project he regards as one of the biggest challenges of his musical career.

"Finis Terrae was definitely the most challenging film I've worked on," he said.

"I took a different approach to the films I've worked on before. Instead of writing all the music, I used a DJ and sound designer approach.

"I created the soundtrack using existing bits of music from my record collection, then everything was cut, changed and edited specifically for the soundtrack."

Garnier enlisted the help of pianist Benjamin Rippert, who played classical sections on top of his soundtrack after it was recorded, to create a contrast between old and contemporary styles.

"I wanted to reflect the film, which dates from the 1920s but has an incredibly modern feel," he added.

Garnier's performance is part of the NFT's 'Noise of Art' mini festival, run by DJmag scribe Ben Osborne.

On the night, there will also be DJ performances from Adam Barry and a live showcase by Spektrum.

Event details:

Noise of Art
National Film Theatre, South Bank, London
8pm - 2am
£16 (£14 concs)